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Looking for honest, accurate foreign language translations, interpretations, and transcriptions? You’re in the right place!

By getting to know you and matching your needs with our talented, seasoned translators and interpreters, you get exactly what's requested. And we do it in a timely, friendly, affordable manner with a 100% correct outcome every time.

Language Specialists

Our vast experience plus attention to perfection equals honest, detail-oriented, and precise translations and interpretations.

We hand-pick our language specialists; they are fluent in all languages and provide expert services. They are known for their kindness, accuracy, and dependability. They strive to make your translation and interpretation experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Once you hire Reliable Translations, you'll realize you've found a partner in multilingual services.

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If you are looking for excellent, fast and perfect service for your international events and translations of documents... this is the place – Reliable Translations!

Alma Rosa B.

Thanks to Crystal and John for helping me with some last minute document translations and interpreter services. They came through on such short notice.

Tony C.

Had them translate my German birth certificate into English. Always quick in responding to e-mails. After getting quotes from many translation services, I found them to be the most affordable. Half to 1/3 of the price that other companies charge. One day turn around! I’m very satisfied with the translation of the document and customer service. Highly recommended!

Kim F.

Reliable Translations has been wonderful for our Spanish translation work. We are able to get jobs done as quickly as we need them, and the customer service is phenomenal.

Nell M.

Reliable Translations is easily the most dependable translations company around. They are very professional and will handle your translation needs quickly and conveniently. There really is nothing to it. Just tell them what you need translated and what language and they will get it done for you exactly as needed and when you need it. Very easy!

John L.

On time payment, good rates and have solid clientele. Owner Cristal is always friendly and professional. And as the lead interpreter of the company, she’s always on the fronts line with her interpreters. A language company that treats both their clients and linguists well.

Xiao P.

I have worked with Cristal on several occasions. I can definitely state that she is a real business woman and knows how to establish cordiality and at the same time have a very professional relationship with her vendors. I definitely recommend her for any kind of translation projects!!!

Garabet M.

I used this company's services for a Korean family tree and was helped by Ana. I am very happy and will definitely use their services again. Highly recommended.

Janet P.

I was very lucky to find Reliable Translations, and am very happy that I did. I needed a very important document translated, and had asked another translator if they could do the job in a day. She responded the day that I needed the document, and told me that she could not complete it in the deadline. I was in a time crunch, and needed a miracle, and that is what Ana from Reliable Translations provided.

Cameron B.

Great place to get documents translated! Ana Jade was quick to follow up with questions and provided excellent customer service. Extremely satisfied. Thanks!

Oliver G.

Larry & Ana did a marvelous job as always. I have used Reliable Translations for several years. They are always my go-to for quick & easy translation services. They will translate a number of different documents, including financial & legal documents. They make the process painless and are available via phone or email with quick responses to all my questions. I will continue to gladly use their services!

T P.

It was my first time needing documents translated. Saw this place was near my house so I went to check them out and literally right when I called till the very end Anna was such a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and friendliness didn't go unnoticed. She was able to get my documents done in the time that I needed and kept me in the loop and up to date with the progress of it all. I appreciate everything she did for me and will definitely come back and refer them to her if I or someone I know ever need their services again. Thank you so much Anna!!!!!

Ana G.

I'm SO happy I chose Reliable Translations over online translations services. I've never had to have a document translated and I had no clue where to go. First thing I did was I Googled for a translation service online - please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and DON'T choose a random service just because they're cheap. These are important documents you're trusting them with and a lot of those online services turn out to be scams. Do your research, CALL them, get a quote. I can't stress that enough since I almost sent my birth certificates to a scam company.

Sheila S.

Really awesome company. Totally organized, professional, and friendly. All of the staff are knowledgeable and willing to help and they are dedicated to being on time, and getting the job done. Can do a long list of languages.

Daisy M.

I needed a birth certificate translated from Spanish to English. I called around and found Reliable Translations to be one of the most reasonable. More than that, I was contacted quickly and Larry was incredibly helpful and nice. I received my translation quickly. It was a pleasure to do business with them!

Kathleen T.

I had a great experience with Reliable Translations. Great work and it was done quick. I would definitely 100% recommend this company.

Nico F.

I highly recommend Reliable Translations, they are able to do professional work in a day's deadline. I am super impressed by their services and will continue to use and recommend them for future needs

Mish S.

Very knowledgeable staff and interpreter. Management is accessible, and quick to find resolution to any issue or difficulties that arise. I enjoyed working with their staff and would highly recommend this agency to anyone.

Marcelle A.

Services Beyond Compare

Reliable Translations is a Los Angeles translations company that offers services across the United States.

We offer a variety of translation and interpretation services that help you worry less and communicate with ease.

  • 100% human translations, interpretations, and proofreading by experts who are expert in your target language.
  • The most specialized team of 400+ highly qualified translators, interpreters, proofreaders, and editors.
  • The ONLY agency specializing in Legal, Business, Labor and Political interpretations.
  • Translations provided for everyone - from individuals to large organizations.
  • Certified interpreters and translators for hearings, legal proceedings, and official documents.
  • Interpreters are selected for their language fluency, level of experience, professionalism, and etiquette.
  • We service all languages fluently.
  • Free quotes and recommendations.
  • Simple fees. No extra fees or hidden charges EVER.

We feel strongly that translating your most important documents or interpreting a make-or-break business meeting deserves time, attention, and respect. You and your project are always top priority.

Rest assured— whatever language barrier you're facing will not be an issue anymore. Contact us today for guidance and a free quote. We can't wait to meet you!

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